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The rise of smart home tech: four people from all walks of life weigh in

What does a former Miss Universe Australia, busy mum of four, and an airline pilot have in common? These are just a few customers upping their security game with Chamberlain’s myQ technology.

In recent years, Chamberlain has noticed that more and more people are considering the garage when upgrading their smart home technology. We’re constantly innovating to provide our customers with the highest level of safety, security and convenience available on the market.

Chamberlain’s myQ technology allows you to monitor and control your garage door opener from wherever you are in the world via your phone or Apple Watch. You can receive real-time notifications if the garage is activated, set schedules for the garage to close, and let anyone into your home if you are away.

Here are some amazing Chamberlain ambassadors who are upping their security game with Chamberlain’s myQ technology.

Olivia Molly Rogers @oliviarollyrogers

Olivia is former Miss Universe Australia, a qualified speech pathologist, model and budding artist.

Chamberlain’s myQ technology allows Olivia to easily open the garage door opener for couriers and tradies (she’s currently completing a house reno), as well as keeping her dog Ziggy safe!

Natalie Sullivan @thissweetlife

Natalie is a busy mum of four children and says she often forgets to close the garage door, which is both a security and safety concern with kids running about!

Chamberlain’s myQ technology makes it easy for her to check if she did forget, and close the garage door from wherever she is!

Nick Priest @nickpries

Nick is a Melbourne based airline pilot, who says Chamberlain’s myQ technology has been a lifesaver. He can monitor and control his garage from anywhere in anywhere in
the world, giving him peace of mind that his garage is secure while he is at 38,000 feet!

Tidee @tidelife
As professional organisers, Tidee need a safe and secure garage that would help bring calm to their everyday life! They can open the garage from anywhere at anytime using their phone. No need to worry about remotes and no missing deliveries when they’re not at home.
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