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How we develop new products: myQ innovative technology

Have you ever wondered how Chamberlain chooses the products we sell, and the new technology we create?

When Chamberlain launched in Australia, we had a simple mission: to create quality, high performing garage door openers. We wanted to give the DIY homeowner a way to easily install a safe, secure and reliable garage door opener themselves.

We’ve been constantly innovating and staying on the forefront of new technology, developing new ways to give our customers safe, secure and convenient ways to control their garage door opener.

We’ve also listened to our customers, to our dealer network, and to members of the community to understand the types of products and services they need from us.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the safest, most secure, and most innovative technology on the market. Here’s what we knew our customers needed, and how we’ve used myQ technology to make it happen!

 Peace of mind

Most of us have had that sinking feeling on the way to work; did I leave the garage door open? It can leave you feeling worried and vulnerable. With the myQ App, you can check the status of your garage and close the door if you left it open, giving you peace of mind that your home and belongings are secure.

Ease of access from anywhere

“Honey, I’m here at your house. Where are you?” Whether you’ve lost track of time out grocery shopping, at work or stuck in traffic, making your loved ones wait on the porch is never fun.

With the myQ App, you can simply open the garage from wherever you are and let friends or family in! This also comes in handy for plumbers, cleaners, and anyone else who might need access to your garage.

Confirmation that the family is safe

If you have kids who come home by themselves, the myQ App will send you a real-time notification when the garage is activated, so you can make sure they arrived home safely. Notifications are also an important security measure when you’re NOT expecting someone to open your garage.

No contact delivery

Budget Direct’s research found that 58.7% of people regularly allow couriers to leave packages in plain sight outside their property.

With the myQ App, you can open the door from wherever you are (or inside if you prefer no contact delivery) and have the delivery person place your item safely in the garage.

Guest access while away from home

The myQ Guest feature allows you to provide people you trust with temporary access to your garage for a set amount of time. This can include cleaners, dog walkers and house sitters.

myQ is there to make your life easier. Is there a feature or a product you’d like to see us develop? If so, please let us know.

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