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How to program a Chamberlain Universal Remote

An automated garage door is something we tend to take for granted. We rely on our door openers to help us get safely in and out when it rains, to protect our cars and homes and to provide an added level of convenience in our day-to-day lives.

Chamberlain’s Universal Garage Door Opener Remote Control is designed to work with all major garage door opener brands and can be programmed to operate up to two different branded garage door openers from the same remote. This means no more fumbling around to find the right garage door remote in the morning rush, or in the dark.

The good news is programming the remote can take less than a minute! Here are some instructions that will help you program most garage door openers. If you have an ATA garage door opener, refer to the remote’s unique instruction manual.

It’s a good idea to read through all steps before commencing and ensure you’re familiar with the control buttons. Once you’ve started programming, it’s important to continue to the next step reasonably quickly


1. Locate the learn button on your garage door opener. It could also be labelled CODE, CODE SET, DOOR CODE, RADIO SET, ‘S’, or something similar.

2. Ensure your garage door is closed and free of obstructions.

3. Press and hold the bottom button on the remote control until the blue LED light stays on solid (this will take approximately 15 seconds), then release the button (the blue LED light will stay on for 60 seconds).

4. Press the learn button on your garage door opener for 2-3 seconds, then release it.

5. Immediately press and release the button on the remote control you would like to program.

6. The blue LED light will commence blinking for 12 seconds. Once the blue LED light changes to a solid slight,  immediately press and release the button on the remote control that you are programming.

7. The blue LED light on the remote control will begin to flash once every three seconds. Wait until the door begins moving again and immediately (within three seconds) press the remote button again (depending on the opener brand, this could take a little while).

8. The process is complete and the remote should now be programmed to the garage door opener. You can repeat this process using the other button on the remote to program another garage door opener, if required.

9. Test the remote control by pressing the button you programmed to control the garage door. If the garage door opener doesn’t activate, repeat the programming steps, view the programming videos or contact

Chamberlain Customer service on 0800 653 667.

For more information, click here to watch our How to program your Universal remote video.

Tips if you’re programming two doors

If you’re programming two doors in the same location, we recommend setting up the top button on the remote first. This will also help to ensure you avoid accidentally opening a pre-programmed door.

The bottom button on the remote is the programming button and is the only button that can commence the programming sequence – irrespective of which button you choose to control the door. This button requires a firm press, eliminating accidental activation due to mishandling the remote.

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