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Hosting a New Year’s Eve party? Make the most out of your space with Chamberlain!

With Christmas Day spent at the in-laws, it’s your turn to host the family for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The only problem is, thanks to the global pandemic, your party-planning skills are a little rusty!

Thankfully, Chamberlain is coming to your rescue! We’ve put together an easy, step-by-step guide to help you make the most out of your humble abode, transforming your garden and garage into the ultimate entertaining space.

Start 2023 with a bang with these simple easy steps:

Step one: Clean up the garden

Hosting your party outside is a great way to enjoy the warmer weather, and you may even catch a glimpse of your local fireworks!

Spending time getting your garden in order will not only make your space visitor-worthy, but safer, too – it’s a win-win!

Rake up any fallen leaves and sticks to ensure your garden is in tip-top shape for your guests (and make that game of backyard cricket so much smoother!). While you’ve got your hands dirty, giving your lawn a mow will make your garden look extra fresh for your guests!

If you have a pool, we recommend giving it a once-over. To ensure your oasis is sparkling, clear out leaf litter, power-wash the decking and get the pool inflatables ready for play.

Step two: Dust off the entertaining gear

Next, dive into the depths of your storage and dust off the old outdoor furniture and entertaining gear.

Is it finally time to fix the net on the ping pong table, track down your missing Bluetooth speaker, or replace that missing cue for the pool table? Finishing these odd jobs will clear up your to-do list, while ensuring you’re well-prepared for your New Year’s Eve party.

To get your entertaining gear ready, Chamberlain recommends:

Step three: Brighten up your outdoor living area

When you’re entertaining guests, having a clean, attractive and well-lit space is key to creating a festive feeling, while also keeping everyone safe.

Freshening up your outdoor living area with decorations and mood lighting will set the tone for the night – which may mean taking down the Christmas lights and replacing them with party lights!

When it comes to a New Year’s Eve party, there’s no such thing as going over the top with decorations. Why not go all out with glitz and glam? By teaming up balloons, streamers, and sequins you can easily create your very own chandelier or balloon arch.

Step four: Turn the garage into the ultimate party-place


The garage can be a surprisingly good space to utilise when throwing a New Year’s Eve party – it’s big, open and can muffle the sound of your favourite tunes. It’s the perfect place to pump some music and have a boogie!

Before installing your disco ball, be sure to declutter your garage, packing away dangerous items, such as tools and paint. A tidy garage will give you peace of mind, knowing that everyone is safe when they hit the DIY garage dancefloor, while setting you up for an organised 2023.

While you’re in the garage, installing Chamberlain’s Obstruction Detection Beams (Safety Beams) to your Chamberlain garage door opener will ensure your friends and family are safe from potential hazards. Chamberlain’s Obstruction Detection Beams use infrared technology which allows your garage door to stop and reverse if there are any obstacles in the way.


With this go-to guide, you’ll be the host with the most in no time, and your home and garage will look their best. Now, go enjoy your New Year’s Eve party and send off 2022 in style!

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