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Garage entertaining: Getting the most out of your garage

Using the garage for entertaining friends and family can create both a fun and unique experience for your guests.

From an impromptu disco for the kids to a formal dinner, your garage could be the solution for all your entertaining needs.

Here are five great ways to use your garage for your next get together.

‘Serve yourself’ station

Whether it’s a water infusion station, drinks stand, dinner buffet or the ultimate lolly bar, the garage is the perfect zone for DIY party catering. Give your guests room to move and chat by setting up your ‘self-serve’ stations along the walls of your garage.
An added bonus is that you can enjoy your guests’ company without running around to clean up food and drink spills. If you need to, you can just hose out the garage the next day!

Kids’ corner

If the weather is threatening to ruin your kids party fear not! The garage can save the day, offering a large space to cater for lots of birthday fun, out of the weather.
Give the garage a good clean and be sure to put away any hazardous or sharp items.
Add some inexpensive mats and cushions to your standard party decorations to create fun breakout zones for your party guests. The kids will have a great time!

Catering to large groups

For those big occasions when the whole family gets together, squeezing around an eight-seater table in the dining room just won’t work.
Claim the garage for your next family banquet and dine like kings with room to spare.
Start with a good clean up and add some mats, foldable tables and chairs. Some brightly coloured table cloths and table decorations will set the mood for your gathering.
Just be sure to leave plenty of room to open the garage door if you need some fresh air.


Grab some fairy lights, streamers, balloons, a smoke machine and speakers and you have an instant dancefloor. Plus, there’s no need to worry about ruining the carpets or scratching the hardwood floors – your guests can dance the night away!

Style it up

If you’re looking to transition your garage from storage to entertaining, start with a fresh lick of paint.
Next, place hooks or a curtain rod over any messy cupboards, and hang netting or brightly coloured curtains to make the garage feel more like a room in the house.
If you’re entertaining in the garage during the day, you’ll have the luxury of opening up the garage door and letting in the breeze and natural light. Consider installing white LED lights to give the room ambience after the sun’s gone down.
Tailor the space to your personal taste by hanging artwork on blank walls for a smooth transition into the garage.

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