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Five signs you need to invest in a new garage door opener

Has your garage door opener been greeting you and your family with strange noises when you arrive home? Have you been running late to work because the door won’t open at all?

The garage is often the main entry into the home, meaning seamless operation through your opener is essential. Not only is a malfunctioning opener an inconvenience, it poses a serious safety concern for you and your family.

If your garage door opener isn’t working like it used to, or if you’re looking to futureproof your property to keep up with your growing household, it may be time to upgrade.

Here are Chamberlain’s five tell-tale signs that you need to invest in a new automatic garage door opener.

  1. Your garage door won’t open at all

Have you ever found yourself sitting in your car, impatiently waiting for your garage door to open? If nothing happens when you press your garage door remote, or you can hear the motor running without moving the door, there’s something wrong with your opener – which poses a huge safety concern.

These issues could indicate a stripped gear or damaged circuit board within your garage door opener. If this is the case, then your garage door opener will need to be replaced.


  1. Your garage door opener is louder than it needs to be

Are the guttural sounds of your garage door opener waking the kids up when you get home late? Strange, or overly loud, noises are a clear sign of a damaged garage door opener.

If you start hearing your opener protesting while the door opens or closes, your garage door opener is in need of a service, and perhaps an upgrade.


  1. You notice visible vibrations during operation

Obvious vibration can signal a failing garage door opener; if the damage is extensive, you’ll likely see the opener mounts shaking loose. If left unchecked, the opener has the potential to eventually detach from the ceiling, putting our family and property at risk.

If your garage door opener is showing signs of excessive vibration, it may be time to purchase a new, secure automatic garage door opener.


  1. The garage door continually closes then reverses

The opening and sudden reversing of your garage door is another key sign of a damaged garage door opener. While many garage door openers have an in-built Auto Reverse feature, if your garage door is suddenly reversing when it shouldn’t be, faulty electronics within the opener itself could be at play.

While replacing a malfunctioning opener, why not take your garage reverse technology – and safety – to the next level by adding Chamberlain’s Obstruction Detection (Safety) Beams to your garage setup.

Using infrared technology, our Safety Beams detect any obstruction while the door is closing, ensuring it immediately stops and reverses when an obstacle is detected − before it makes contact.


  1. Your garage door isn’t as ‘smart’ as the rest of your home

Although most garage door openers are designed to stand the test of time, outdated models are often slow, unreliable, and lacking in functionality.

Many of us are moving towards smart homes, using technology to make our lives more convenient and comfortable. With the tap of a button on your smartphone, you can turn on kitchen appliances, the air conditioning, and play your favourite song – so why not extend this technology to the garage?

All of Chamberlain’s automatic garage door openers are compatible with myQ technology , giving you complete control of your garage door anywhere, any time. With myQ Connectivity Kit, you can control your garage when away from home, schedule garage door open and close times, control your garage lighting , and much more – all through the myQ App.


Do one of these five scenarios ring true for you? If so, it’s time to consider upgrading to a new automatic garage door opener. With Chamberlain, you can rest assured that you have easy, safe and reliable access to your home, and your family and home are secure.

Chamberlain’s range of garage door openers and accessories are built to last, with safety and convenience at the forefront. You can even install a Chamberlain garage door opener yourself!

Our online product selector is the ideal tool for when you decide it’s finally time to update your garage door opener, and our range is available to purchase at Bunnings.


For more information about Chamberlain’s range of garage door openers and accessories, visit our website or call 0800 653 667.

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