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Egg-cellent ways you can transform your garage and outdoor spaces in time for the Easter holidays!

Are you looking to spruce up your home and garage in time for the school holidays? This year, ensure you’re ready to tackle the Easter rush, by creating the perfect space for your friends and family to enjoy the break and festivities.

Chamberlain has you covered with our four fun and easy ways to freshen up before the busy school holidays period begins.

Give your garden a tidy up!

Make your garden look impressive for your guests while keeping the kids safe these school holidays. Clearing the garden of autumn leaves and fallen sticks is an important set you can take to ensure everyone stays out of harm’s way while enjoying the outdoors.

Plus – with Easter celebrations just around the corner, cleaning up the garden gives you plenty of time to plan the perfect hiding spots for the annual Easter egg hunt!

Brighten up your outdoor dining space

When you’re entertaining guests, having a well-lit space plays an important role in preventing any hazards and keeping everyone safe.

Ahead of having guests over, why not spend some time checking your current lighting and change over any light globes that are old or no longer working.

If you find that you still need a bit of extra light head down to Bunnings where you can find plenty of outdoor and garden lighting solutions.

Dust off the furniture

Freshening up your entertainment space in time for Easter doesn’t need to be a hassle. Make sure to give your outdoor space those final fresh touches by dusting off your furniture, getting out any festive decorations and making sure you have plenty of tables and chairs for everyone.

Declutter your garage

We all know that kids can get a little over excited during the festive breaks, so it’s important to stay one step ahead of them at all times. You can do this by ensuring you have smart and safe plans in place, and that potentially risky items are out of reach.

Decluttering your garage to ensure any dangerous items such as tools and paint are out of the way, will give you peace of mind knowing that the kids are safe when they go looking for the last hidden Easter egg!

While you’re in the garage, installing Chamberlain’s Obstruction Detection Beams (Safety Beams) to your Chamberlain garage door opener is another way to ensure your friends and family are safe from potential hazards. Chamberlain’s Obstruction Detection Beams use infrared technology which allows your garage door to stop and reverse if there are any obstacles in the way.

Now that the garage is safe for kids, why not set up a small space in the garage for them to get creative! They’ll be entertained for hours doing arts and crafts: everything from creating Easter baskets, hats and painting eggs. They can design to their heart’s content!

Enjoying a safe and fun Easter holiday at home with your friends and family is made easy with Chamberlain.

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