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DIY activities to fuel their creativity these school holidays

The January school holidays are the perfect time to get the kids outdoors enjoying the warm weather! These holidays, fuel their creativity and get them away from the TV and tablet by giving them their own DIY projects in the garden or garage!

Recycled bottle bowling
With some empty soft drink bottles, some paint and a tennis ball, kids can design their own ten pin bowling set and create a bowling alley in the garage! Some chalkboard paint on the wall can create an easy score card. This is also a great way to teach kids about recycling and show that everything can have a second use!

Grow your own edible garden
Giving kids their own garden to take care of not only encourages curiosity, it teaches them about responsibility and how things grow! Once their veggies and herbs are ready, they can use them in cooking or baking. Some easy seedlings to plant are cherry tomatoes, peas, carrots and strawberries! Check out Bunnings Warehouse for some inspiration.

Make a magical wind chime
Children love collecting! Many items found in nature or around the home can be used to make a unique wind chime, such as twigs, seashells, antique keys or even spoons!

Secure your ‘chimes’ with fishing line to a large piece of wood and hang them where they can catch the breeze!

Rock painting
For a fun creative session, set up a painting station in the garage with brightly coloured paints. From pet rocks to their own flowerpots, the kids will have a ball! You will not only minimise clean-up time, it will let their imagination run wild as they bring their new friends and designs to life.

Create a fairy garden
Shh, of course fairies are real! With an old pot, some small succulents and a lot of faith, trust and pixie dust, children can create a wonderland for their fairy friends. Add in some potting mix, small trees, flowers, pebbles, some paddle pop sticks for a fence and a ladder and you have yourself a magical fairy garden! Bunnings Warehouse has everything you need to create your fairy garden.

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