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Chamberlain’s magical myQ makes Christmas easy

The busy festive season is well and truly here, which means a constant flow of family members, friends and online shopping deliveries are on their way!

Whether you’re out grocery shopping and family members arrive, or you need to hide your Christmas deliveries from curious little ones (or spouses), here are a few ways Chamberlain’s myQ technology technology paired with your Chamberlain myQ compatible garage door opener can help make this festive season a little easier.

The elf in the garage
With online shopping in New Zealand growing in popularity by around 16 per cent each year, it’s likely you’ve got some Christmas goodies for the family (or yourself) headed your way.

If you’re worried about spoiling the surprise, you can use Chamberlain’s myQ App to grant couriers access to your garage from wherever you are! Make sure you put instructions in the delivery notes, so the courier knows to ring you on arrival, so you can then let them into the garage using the myQ App and close it once they’re safely outside.

When family comes to town
Christmas often mean family and friends are knocking at your door bringing festive cheer. But what happens if you’re not there to answer? The myQ App lets you open the garage door when you’re on the go, so nobody will be sat on the veranda waiting for you to come home.

We wish you a secure Christmas
It’s that time of year when many of us head off on summer holidays. When you’ve got so many new and exciting Christmas goodies around the house, it can be tempting for would-be thieves to try their luck.  According to figures from the Insurance Council of New Zealand, home burglaries spike around the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve period.

With Chamberlain’s myQ technology, you can be confident that your garage is secure, with 24/7 monitoring of your garage door opener. The myQ App sends notifications whenever the garage door is opened or closed, giving you peace of mind.

For more information about the benefits of Chamberlain’s myQ technology this festive season, click here or contact our customer service team on 0800 653 667.

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