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A guide to safely disposing lithium batteries

From watches and phones to remote control toys, lithium batteries power a variety of devices in the home and garage. Chamberlain’s range of trusty garage door remotes are also fitted with lithium batteries.

On average, lithium batteries last two to three years, and while they’re a commonly used product, many people don’t know how to safely dispose of them. It’s a good bet you’ve likely thrown your lithium batteries in the recycling or garbage bin, which is a big no-go!

Lithium batteries have become an industry standard, and are very safe to use, however, if thrown in the trash, there is a slight risk they may produce sparks. These sparks could start fires in garbage trucks or recycling facilities.

That’s why we’ve prepared this how-to guide to responsibly and efficiently dispose of these batteries.

How to safely dispose of lithium batteries

Lithium batteries need to be brought to a battery recycling facility that can deal with the batteries safely. This also helps preserve the limited resource of lithium, making recycling these batteries the environmentally friendly choice as well.

Here are the steps you can follow to recycle your lithium batteries:

  1. To find your closest recycling facility, visit this website.
  2. Choose your region from the drop-down menu to find a list of the closest lithium battery recycling facilities.
  3. Once you’ve located your closest recycling facility, you can check their website or contact page to see if they accept the batteries you’re dropping off.

It’s as simple as that! Your batteries will be safely and efficiently recycled. You can be proud you’ve done your part for the safety of others and for the environment.

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