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Robots, engage! How to smarten your backyard with these awesome gadgets ideas

There’s a brave new world of modern smart home technology out there, and that can also extend outside the home as well!

If you’re sick of waking up at 7am on Saturday to mow the lawn or do the gardening, then here are five hi-tech backyard gadgets you’ll love.

Buzz buzz, bye bye

If mosquitos are becoming a nuisance at your backyard barbeques, an electronic insect control system is a hassle-free way to control them. The system automatically emits a citronella mist that controls pesky flying insects, so you can just set and forget! Check it out at Bunnings here.

Automate your chores

Nobody likes waking up early to mow the lawn on the weekend; it can be tiresome and takes so long! Luckily, you can now mow your lawn without human intervention. A robotic mower will mow your lawn by itself following a pre-programmed pattern and can be controlled via an app on your phone, so you don’t have to lift a finger! Check it out here.

Flower power

If you’re a newbie gardener or notorious for forgetting to water your plants, then you can keep your plants happy with a soil moisture sensor. The device can be used on your lawn or garden bed to monitor your garden’s moisture levels and will only turn on your sprinkler when the moisture level reaches a certain point, so you can save water and have a happy, healthy garden. You can check it out at Bunnings here.

No more wasteful watering

With water restrictions in place in some parts of New Zealand, unnecessary watering can cause water wastage as well as hefty water bills. If you really want to up the tech-factor in your garden, you can connect a remote irrigation controller to your existing sprinkler system, which means you can monitor and control your sprinkler system from anywhere.

This system also adjusts to the needs of your garden and takes into consideration the soil moisture, sun exposure and live weather feeds, so you’ll only water as much as you need to. You can purchase this system here.

Let in the gardener

If you have a gardener or landscaper working on your garden, chances are they’ll need access to your garage. If you need to let them in when you’re not home, you can remotely control your garage door opener with Chamberlain’s myQ technology. With 24/7 monitoring of your garage door opener, the myQ App sends notifications whenever the garage door is opened or closed and allows you to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere, for complete peace of mind.

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