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Lighting hacks for your garage

No matter what you use your garage for; parking the car, storage, or as a workshop, installing the right lighting is crucial for your safety and convenience.

If your current garage lighting isn’t up to par, or if the light switch isn’t within easy reach of the entrance, it might not be easy to navigate at night, which can lead to some unwanted bumps, scrapes, or strained eyes!

Finding the right lighting for your garage can also give you peace of mind when you’re out and about, by making it look like someone is home and warding off opportunistic thieves.

Keep reading to discover the best lighting solution for your space!

Best lighting for: everyday use

If you only use your garage to park the car or general use, the correct lighting will make parking and accessing your vehicle a much easier task.

If your garage doesn’t have a lot of natural light from windows, you can use strip lighting or batten lights to help illuminate the walls and floor, lighting your garage both day and night. LED lights are more energy efficient and produce the most amount of light, and they last far longer than a regular incandescent bulb.

Best lighting for: going in and out

If you’re going in and out of the garage often, you can use sensor lights that will activate when they detect motion, which can give you enough light to park your car or enter the garage safely! You can even use a temporary light switch LED light that is designed for when your light switch isn’t near the entrance to your garage. It gives you enough light to make your way through the garage to the light switch without needing to install new wiring.

If you have a compatible Chamberlain Garage Door Opener, the Merlin myQ Remote LED Light can be synced to your garage door opener, so the light will activate as soon as the garage door is opened. Using the myQ App or compatible remote, you can monitor and control the Remote LED Light from wherever you are, and it easily mounts to the wall! The Remote LED Light is also a great way to make it look like someone is home; you can schedule the light to turn on at various times, even if you’re away!

Best lighting for: using your garage for storage 

The garage is a terrific space to use for extra storage if you just don’t have enough room in your home. If you have a specific corner or area that you use for storage, or even a cupboard that is dark and difficult to find things in, then using smaller lighting solution could suit your needs perfectly.

Pendants, small lamps, lighting strips that can be easily fixed inside a cupboard or sconces that can be mounted to walls, all work to effectively illuminate your storage space, whilst conserving energy and not exerting more electricity than needed. Plus, ensuring sufficient lighting in your garage will limit any trips or falls over stray items!

Best lighting for: your garage workshop

Transforming your garage into a workshop is a great use of space, but are you using the correct lighting?

Mountable work lights are the most convenient solution for a garage workshop, as they are hands-free and can be secured anywhere in your space. Depending on what you are using your workshop for, there are a wide range of mountable work lights that could best suit your needs.

Lamps that have a clamp on the end can be secured to any suitable surface, such as the hood of your car if working on the engine. Vertical lamps with a handle and hook on the top can be hung from any area of your garage, or even from beneath your car if that is where you are working.

Finally, floodlights can be efficient and useful in illuminating a large area of your workshop, and solve the problem of overhead lights sometimes casting a shadow. To find the best lighting solution for your garage, first decide what it is you primarily use the space for, and then determine exactly the type of lighting required.

Finding the best lighting solution for your space will keep you safe and make working or using your garage much more convenient.

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