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How to: Transform your garage into an art studio

Creating beautiful art can be difficult, particularly if you don’t have your own space to focus on your creative work.

Rather than struggling to catch a moment of privacy and peace in your busy household, converting the garage to an art studio will give you the space you need to allow your creative juices to flow!

Additionally, this conversion takes full advantage of an environment where there’s no fear of making a mess, or worry that artwork may be damaged before it’s finished.

Transforming the garage into an art studio on a budget: A four step guide

What you’ll need to succeed:

Step one: Tools down, easels in

The beginning phase is about crafting a space where creativity can flourish. Spend some time pondering what you’d like the area to look and feel like. The converted garage should be comfortable, as well as practical.

Following a thorough clean of the area and organising all the bits and pieces that are often stored in the garage space, commence the transformation by applying a fresh lick of paint, incorporating some ambient lighting, installing a sturdy workbench and hanging curtains or blinds, which can all be purchased from Bunnings.

Similarly, concrete polished floors will not only create a studio feel, but are also highly practical when working with paint and other messy mediums. To add to the overall comfort and enjoyment of the space, consider installing a coffee station or wine bar to help you stay hydrated!

This process will transform the garage from a mechanical space to a more comfortable and inviting area.

Step two: Time to vent

Proper ventilation is critical when working in an enclosed space with a range of different chemical and artistic mediums. To safeguard your health and wellbeing, it’s a clever idea to install an exhaust in the garage, for example a small fan. Adding an exhaust to the garage will also help to keep the moisture out of the air and accelerate the drying time of your art.

If your art studio conversion is a more permanent fixture, you could consider installing a roof turbine vent (otherwise known as a whirlybird), which operate by spinning in the wind currents, pulling air up from the garage.

Step three: The artist’s essentials

Access to the right equipment will allow your creative side to thrive in your newly converted space.

Stockpile the essentials, such as canvas, paper, brushes, paint, clay, pencils and anything else that may enhance your creativity. Officemax is a one-stop shop for art supplies! Likewise, investing in a sturdy easel will not only add to the aesthetics and functionality of the room, it will save you a world of back and neck pain acquired from your creative processes.

Finally, you’ll also need a few pallets for mixing mediums and paints together, which can either be purchased or re-purposed using old plates or pieces of cardboard that are lying around the house. Similarly, old jars or cups filled with water will allow you to clean your brushes between uses.

Step four: Successful storage

Finally, to enhance the order of your art studio, installing shelving units for your materials will improve your overall experience in the space. This could include under bench storage or lockable cupboard space which will help to keep the family safe from potentially hazardous chemicals.

Whether you prefer working in a slightly messy environment or like a high level of organisation and tidiness, ensure all storage space is easily accessible and well organised.

Perhaps you enjoy art as a hobby and getting creative on the weekends, or are a professional artist looking to create works of art, converting your garage to an art studio will not only provide an opportunity to further develop your knowledge and skillset, it will also be a fun and relaxing activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Moreover, you could even consider starting a small business by renting out your studio space to other art lovers, allowing you to earn a little extra cash on the side. Just be careful to consider the tax implications of any supplementary income.

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