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How to create a barber shop in your garage

Do you have a garage space that’s being underused and begging to be utilised more? Converting the garage, or part of it, is a cost effective and easy way to add a new space to your home.

And with the right skills and qualifications, you could use that space to start a barbershop in your garage.

Building a garage barber shop on a budget

What you’ll need to succeed:

Converting the garage

The first step to transform your garage into a barber shop is to consider what you’d like the space to look like. Ponder what the layout will look like, as well as the colour and ambiance of the space.

After giving the area a good clean, apply your decided colour scheme. Bunnings have a range of paint colours and finishes available, and a consultant will be able to guide you to options that match your brief. If the barbershop is a less permanent conversion, the garage can still be transformed and sectioned off with curtains.

An added bonus of the garage is the concrete flooring – discarded hair can be easily swept away! But make sure the floor is clean and any oil marks removed.

Purchasing the right equipment

Having the right equipment is not only necessary for the functional aspect of the barbershop, but also to create the right mood and style of the salon, which will help to attract prospective clients.

A barber’s chair is an essential item. It should be sturdy, comfortable and adjustable – it can’t be any old chair! Barber’s chairs can be purchased from whole-sale retailers, or second-hand from platforms like Trade Me. To complete your transformation, you’ll also need a large mirror for the wall and a hand mirror to show clients their new hairdo.

Investing in barber tools

Once the garage space has been transformed, the next step is to invest in barber tools, such as clippers, scissors, straight razors with disposable blades, combs, a cape, disinfectant jar, spray bottle and dusting brush.

Chat to local barbers in your area to gain insight into their recommended tools and grooming products. Tools can be bought from a wholesaler, like Hairquip or ask your local barber – you may be able to buy directly from them.

Create a dream barber space

The final step to your conversion is to create a sense of atmosphere in the space. This can be done through careful décor and accessories but can also be achieved with the right lighting. Consider a scented candle or two to mask any unwanted mechanical smells – just remember to keep them away from anything flammable!

Successful storage

Finally, bring order to your barber shop by installing some shelving units for your materials. Whether it’s under bench storage or a cupboard, ensure your tools and products are easily accessible.

Turn your skills and qualifications into an opportunity to make a little extra money on the side. With a little imagination and some small renovations to the garage, you’ll be able to step out of the house and into your very own barber shop.

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