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DIY weekend idea: Installing a new Chamberlain garage door opener

Everyone wants to start and finish their day well. Mornings are the start of a new day, filled with possibility and new opportunity. The first hour of your day can dictate the course of the rest of your day. Some even say that a successful first hour to the day can make you a better leader.

It’s hard to imagine successful leaders like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates struggling to open their garage door before they leave to conquer the world each morning.

A functional garage door opener can make the start and end of your day seamless. As you leave the house in the morning and return following a long day at work or in the office, a smoothly operating garage door will help you to breathe a sigh of joyful relief.

Additionally, a contemporary garage door opener improves your homes safety and security. With an upgraded garage door opener, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your car, garage contents and home are protected by modern technology.

The good news is that installing a new garage door opener is much easier and more affordable than you think!

So, if you’re in the market for a new start to your morning routine, why not make installing a new garage door opener your weekend DIY project?

DIY checklist

Skill level:

  • Comfortable with the use of power tools and proficient in the use of manual tools including a spanner, socket wrench and screwdriver


  •   Ladder
  •   Spanner
  •   Socket wrench
  •  Philips head screwdriver
  •  Tape
  •   Marker
  •   Rope
  •   Power drill

People-power required:

  •   Two people

Installation time:

  •   Allow two hours

Tips and tricks for installation:

  •   Ensure that you closely follow the instructions in the manual as you install your Chamberlain garage door opener
  •   Chamberlain also has a great online video to guide you through the installation of your garage door opener

Still not convinced a new automated garage door opener is for you? Here are three reasons to upgrade:

Improved safety

Installing a new garage door opener gives you peace of mind that your garage door will immediately reverse when an object is detected in its path, preventing injury or damage.

Increased security

There are 60,000 reported burglaries in New Zealand per year, with burglars often looking for unlocked doors as their entry point. When you consider this statistic against the fact that the garage is the largest door and entry point to the home and garage, it becomes easy to recognise the importance of keeping the garage door and opener secure!

Technology has made addressing this flaw in our home security easy and seamless. If you’ve hustled the children out of the door in the morning school rush and are left wondering whether you’ve closed the garage door, there is no need to worry with myQ. For example, most Chamberlain garage door openers are myQ compatible, meaning that they can be controlled from your smart phone or device.

With myQ, you will feel in control knowing you can monitor and control the garage door from anywhere in the world. You even have the option to set close times with the myQ scheduling feature, to suit the family’s routines!

Chamberlain garage door openers are strong, reliable and easy to install. You can view the full range of Chamberlain garage door openers online, and are also available for purchase from Mitre 10 and Bunnings.

Like any DIY project, the trick to installing a new garage door opener is backing yourself! The benefits associated with installing a new garage door opener make this weekend project worth the time and investment.

For more information about Chamberlain’s range of garage door openers and accessories, visit our website or call 0800 653 667.