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DIY hacks to help maintain your garage door and opener

Most of us open and close our garage door multiple times a day, and as the largest moving object in the home, it’s imperative that we keep our garage door and opener in tip top condition.

A garage door that is well maintained not only looks better, it will add to the life and performance of your door and critically, keep you and your family safe and secure. Regular maintenance of your garage door and garage door opener can bring any faults to your attention sooner.

To help you keep your garage door and opener in pristine condition, we’ve prepared a list of DIY maintenance guidelines:

Keep it clean

Just like any appliance or utility in our home which requires regular cleaning and maintenance, the garage door is no different!

Without regular cleaning, dirt, dust and other pollutants can create a stubborn grime which can impact the finish and consequently the life span of your door.

Hand wash your door using a soapy solution of warm water and detergent to clean excess grime.

Avoid using power washers on your door as the high pressure can impact the delicate sensors in your garage door opener, and be sure to steer clear of the tracks, wheels and cables.

Applying a thin coat of car wax will protect the finish of metal garage doors and ensure your door is gleaming for months to come.

To clean the garage door opener, simply use a disinfectant wipe to lightly clean the exterior of the opener to remove dust and grime.

Lubricate for longevity

For the most part, garage doors are low-maintenance objects, however, they still require a little care and love every now and then. Elements of the garage door including tracks, hinges, rollers and springs should be lubricated with multipurpose household oil approximately twice a year.

Any excess oil should be wiped away to avoid slippery surfaces which damage the functionality of the garage door. This process will also assist in cleaning built-up dirt off the hardware.

Remember that the garage door openers themselves do not require any lubrication.

Tighten the bolts

The average garage door weighs 135kg and opens and closes roughly 1,500 times per year. The garage door is subject to significant vibration associated with its functionality, and this can loosen the hardware.

Loose bolts are usually the source of garage door shaking and rattling. Examining and tightening the bolts and brackets can help to eliminate this issue.

Undertake regular safety checks

Most modern garage doors are produced with sensors that can identify an object in the way of the door closing. For example, if the sensor of a compliant garage door detects an object in its path such as small child, pet or car, it will stop closing within 0.75 seconds.  Likewise, sensor beams (Obstruction Detection Beams) stop the opening and closing process of a garage door when the beam is obstructed or broken, preventing further damage.

It’s important to check the reliability and functionality of these features regularly to ensure the garage door remains safe and the garage door opener is effective.

You should test the reliability of your garage door openers safety features once a month. To test, place a brick or board on the ground in the path of the garage door and closing it with the garage door opener. The garage door should reverse as soon as the bottom of the door touches the object. If it doesn’t, call a garage door technician.

Take your garage security to the next level

Given the garage is the largest entry point to the home, it’s important that it remains secure. Examine the garage door and its corresponding parts from both inside and outside the garage, paying close attention to rusty locks, springs and cables, broken rollers, shaky tracks or loose hinges that can make your garage an easy target for would-be thieves.

Take note of parts that appear worn or damaged, and if the functionality of your garage door is compromised, then your garage door may require a professional service.

Keeping your garage door and opener in its best condition through regular maintenance will support both its longevity and functionality. So, keep a close eye on your garage door  and don’t forget to show it a little care to get the best out of this household essential.